Sunday, September 30

The Niners struggle again

It's halfway through the 49er-Seahawks game as I write this. Quarterback Alex Smith is out, RB Gore has developed a severe case of fumblitis and I can't remember the last time guarded optimism has so quickly turned into salty tears of sadness. Nate Clements and the defense have looked dominant at times but I can't blame them for easing up when the offense has curled up in the fetal position.

Elsewhere around the league, old man Favre continues to get things done. I "discovered" Favre back in '95 when I played my first season of fantasy football. While on his way to an MVP season he carried my team, The Homicidal Monkeys, to a second place finish. No matter how decrepit Favre gets, he'll always have a place in my heart.

The Bears lost a close game when their onside kick was returned for a touchdown. Sucks to be the Bears.

Oakland erupted with a 35-17 victory over Miami. Culpepper threw for two touchdowns and ran for three more. All five guys who started him must be quite pleased with themselves. Miami may also suck (0-4 season record), but at least Ronnie Brown did well for the second straight week. Way to turn one team's misery into my personal gain, fantasy football.

And a quick mention of the UH Warriors, winners despite Brennan's 5 -- Five! -- interceptions. By virtue of not losing they're moving up the rankings (or down, or whatever) but they have yet to face a true quality opponent.

Speaking of quality, or more accurately a lack thereof, is the UH commentator Jim Leahy. Jim is without a doubt the worst commentator I have ever heard. It's worth listening to him just to hear how awful he is. Here are some of his gems from last night's game (slightly paraphrased because they make no sense).

"That play quintessentially was Colt Brennan."

"The runningback showed a burst of speed until the defense diagnosed him.

"The running back cut to the left and probed the secondary."

And these comments are from the first quarter alone, before my good taste prevented me from watching any more (it was a tape delayed replay). Leahy manages to combine the hyperbole and mannerisms of James Lipton (from Inside the actor's studio) with the grammatical sense of an illiterate monkey. The only way I think he's managed to stay on the air for so many years is by overwhelming Hawaii viewers with big words that he butchers without mercy.

How bad is Leahy at commentary? As bad as San Fran is playing football this afternoon. Yeah. Ouch.

Please share your football gripes with me. It'll make me smile to know that my misery has company.


Fletch said...

I can't decide if having Smith out is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, Dilfer's not great, but I think he's always gotten an undeservedly bad rap, and it's not like Smith was playing good.

Either way, they pretty much suck right now. Boo.

On the bright side, my fantasy teams went 4-0 this week. Damn, I needed that.

Matt said...

fletch - The way I see it, Dilfer may play better than he did this week (and he'd better!), but he doesn't have Smith's potential to be the franchise quarterback. I have to keep reminding myself that he's still the youngest starting QB in the league, but I still have hope. Before this week I might have agreed with you that Dilfer might be a better option, but after seeing Dilfer struggle I want Smith back now.

Congratulations on your teams! I'm pretty certain I went 4-0 this week as well. I had to pull some out of my butt crack though.