Tuesday, October 2

Sporting Bads

Across the sporting spectrum athletes and officials are forever making fools of themselves. Here are a few that have caught my eye recently.

Isiah Thomas – Ever since his playing career ended, Isiah has gone from failure (CBA) to embarrassment (sexual harassment case). If you want to see the man’s true face I suggest taking a good long look at Isiah’s famous smile. The sinister conceit and borderline homicidal rage oozing from that grin reminds me of another athlete with a reputed killer instinct.

O.J. Simpson – I grew up watching O.J. in court and at the time I was young enough to want him to be innocent. Now I want him to shut up and learn his lesson.

Sugar Shane Mosley – Mosley confessed to unknowingly taking the “clear” and possibly other banned substances before his controversial victory by decision over Oscar de la Hoya in 2003. I believe Mosley when he says that by coming clean he hopes to warn other athletes of the danger of carelessness, but his announcement feels like just another underwear smear on the good name of sports everywhere.

Kobe Bryant – He’s my favorite player on my favorite team but Kobe was an idiot to demand a trade earlier this postseason. Not only did he strain his relationship with his team and his fans but he handcuffed the Laker’s ability to bring him help. Kobe’s subsequent decision to shut up and rededicate himself to winning reveals why he is such a special athlete but gosh darn do I wish he realized this before opening his mouth.

Bill Belichick – The NFL coach most likely to be mistaken for a homeless bum (derelict indeed), Belichick’s awesome ego was on full display when he refused to discuss his illegal videotaping of opponents. NFL commish Roger Goodell’s fined the Pat’s coach for half a million dollars, but his suspicious handling of the evidence (he destroyed the tapes without revealing what was on them) looks bad, bad, bad. On second thought, both Belichick and Goodell deserve some scolding on this one.


The Stevens Family said...

I was just doing some blog surfing and found yours, hope you don't mind. I was reading this post and feel the same way you do on most subjects. Although after his rape issue, I cannot stand cocky Kobe.

Matt said...

stevens family - Thanks for the comment! I know what you mean with Kobe. By all accounts he's a troubled, insecure man but I'm constantly in awe of his abilities on the court. I think something has to be a little wrong with you to be as good as he is. Of course that's no excuse for whatever may have happened that night in Colorado.

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