Wednesday, September 12

Football Recap

There are four football teams that I regularly follow. In descending order of importance, they are 1) San Francisco 49ers, 2) University of Hawaii Warriors, 3) My Fantasy Football Teams (yes, this is compelling evidence that I am nerdish), and 4) UCLA. Since graduating, my alma mater has sucked and has therefore not earned a spot on this list.

I’ll briefly break down each team’s game this past week.

49ers over Cardinals – This Monday Night Football game was derided as paper bag-over-the-head ugly, but I enjoyed the frequent displays of defensive prowess, especially when they forced Matt Leinart to run like a drunken, 3 legged dog. It was also nice to see the Niners show noticeable improvement (at least on one side of the field) in their first game of the season. Now if only their new offensive coordinator could grow some cajones.

UH Warriors over Louisiana Tech – Great fan that I am, I actually slept through the radio broadcast of this game. When I conked out, the Warriors were ahead 21 – 14. When the dust finally cleared, the Warriors had barely eked out a victory 45 - 44 in overtime. Whew. Colt and company still put up some crazy numbers, but victories will do as much for his Heisman campaign as anything so hopefully the Warrior’s pass protection and defensive intensity will step up in the coming weeks.

My Fantasy Teams – I now have four – 4! – fantasy football teams. If an NFL player scores a touchdown, chances are at least one of my teams is benefiting and another team is suffering. Three of my teams were active this week and I straight up won 2 of my match ups with the third game (against my dad) ending in a tie. He’s going to be insufferable until I beat him.

UCLA over BYU – Another game I napped through. UCLA’s defense was dominant in the first half and, feeling comforted by defense end Bruce Davis’ incredible performance, I figured it was safe for me to take a catnap. I was right, but only barely as UCLA struggled once again with inconsistent production. Coach Karl Dorrell was fortunate his defense bailed him out during this game.

Not a bad week in football. How did your teams do?


Sadie said...

I'm doing fantasy football this season for the first time. So far it's not going well.

Matt said...

You have just taken the first step towards a very scary addiction. Kudos!

Fletch said...

I forgot to set my overtime (tiebreaker) player in my main money league and ended up tying because the other idiot also forgot to set his. This is not something I do often. Likewise, I think the "dueling morons that end up tying" has not happened in the 8 year history of our league, either.

This left my record at 0-1-1. I am not pleased.

I'm pondering starting a sportsish blog myself and/or blending it with my movie blog. Will have to link yours - I knew you had it, but had yet to check it out for some reason.

Matt said...

fletch - I hate ties as well. And I'll definitely link to your sports blog if/when you start it up. I'm making absolutely no attempt at marketing this blog though. It exists mostly so I don't dilute my other blog with sports ramblings.

Unknown said...