Monday, September 24

Football Recap Week 3

Ahh, the pain of fantasy football. My four teams were on their way to a third undefeated week, when Drew Brees decided to make Keith Bullock an honorary member of the Saints’ receiving corps, never mind the fact that he already plays for the Titans. So four picks and a fumble later and I suffer the first loss of my fantasy season.

Another painful loss came from my beloved Forty-Niners who dropped one against the resurgent Pittsburgh Steelers. “Fast” Willie Parker (one of the worst nicknames ever) helped one of my fantasy teams to victory while simultaneously running the Niners into the ground. From what I've heard (I had to work during the game), the boys in red and gold were simply over-matched by a Goliath quarterback and an overwhelming defense. And what is the problem with Frank Gore? Obviously he’s not going to sneak up on anybody this year, but this kind of drop off is disconcerting. The Niners are going to have to open up their playbooks and take some of the pressure off Gore or their offense is never going to start rolling.

The lone bright spots in this week’s football recap (aside from my three other fantasy victories), were wins from UCLA and the UH Warriors. Despite prevailing over Washington, I’ve kind of written the UCLA season off since they’ve already proven to me that they’re not going to compete for anything big this year. It might even be better if they sink fast, get a new coach, and get moving in a new direction.

UH hasn’t let me down yet even though Heisman hopeful quarterback Colt Brennan sat out Saturday’s 66-10 win over Charleston Southern. Backup Tyler Graunke struggled early, but the Warrior’s special teams and defense held the Buccaneer’s to zero points in the second half to seal up the victory. Colt’s absence was a disappointment but it was reassuring to see the Warrior’s defense get things done. Next up, Idaho.

Getting back to Fantasy Football, I’d like to hear what everyone’s team names are. Team names are always a fun way to show some creativity and I think I picked some solid ones this year: The Spanish Inquisition, The Dog Whisperers, Bringin’ Sexy Back, Bringin’ Hairy Back.

What are your team names?


Sadie said...

My team doesn't have a name. My league, apparently, is really strange. We don't do matchups, we just all play against each other.

It's my first time playing so I didn't know that it was unusual.

Fletch said...

I've had the name "Slackers" in my main money league for years now. In another league I'm "I need a helmet." (Makes sense when paired with my badly photoshopped pic of Ben Roethlisberger going headfirst into a car.) It was from last year and I haven't changed it. Maybe next year.

Matt said...

sadie - You can always name your team in your heart.

fletch - Big Ben is always good for a few laughs, except when he's beating on the Niners that is.

Fletch said...

True. I knew the Niners had no chance in that game. At least they still have a winning record, though, right?

I'm disappointed with their offense so far (especially as a multiple-league Frank Gore owner). The defense looks pretty good, though.

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