Thursday, November 15

Roger Clemens and more!

I put up another non-serious post about Roger Clemens here. Check it out and please comment if you can.

In other news, the Lakers beat the Rockets last night to avenge their loss in their first meeting of the season. The Lakers came out on top, but the Rockets deserve a lot of credit for playing so hard after Tracy McGrady went out with a bum right arm. What the heck has Bonzi Wells been doing the last few years? I remember when he was an emerging force (if not exactly a star) with the Grizzlies then he went underground like Harriet Tubman, only to re-emerge last night. I know he's battled weight issues and he seems like he needs the ball to be interested in the game, but hot shiznizzle does he attack the rim well. I expect those kinds of moves from T-Mac and Kobe, but Bonzi's performance was very good.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said of the Laker's bench. Luke Walton is halfway between role player and starter, but he has to do better than 2 points, 3 assists, and 1 rebound. Lamar Odom also plays unselfish basketball but his numbers were nearly as poor. I know Kobe dominates the ball, but that's no excuse for some of the awful passing I was seeing from Fisher and Walton, among others. The Lakers were fortunate to come away with that victory and despite their early season run, they've barely crawled their way above .500 with this victory.

Now for an overdue update on my favorite teams:

If you hadn't noticed by now, the Niners suck. I had written a post for about how the Niners could make a mid season run after their bye week. Thankfully, I never got to post it and saved myself from sounding like a total ass.

The UH Warriors are one of (two?) a few undefeated teams in the top 25. However, their play has been erratic and early Heisman hopeful QB Colt Brennan has somehow underperformed while playing at a 4,000 yard, 40 touchdown pace. They could still pull off the best season in the program's history, but I haven't felt the same magic as last year.

UCLA is losing.

Stanford beat USC several weeks back. That victory will have to hold me over for the next couple years or so.

And that's it. Oh yes, it turns out losing internet access for several weeks (and Ronnie Brown on 3 teams) can mess with your fantasy football success. I'm still in the running in most seasons, but the magic is dissipating.

Take care.


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