Tuesday, June 10

What to Look for in Game 3

Before Game 2, I laid out four things the Lakers needed to fall their way for them to win. They lost and, surprise, surprise, they failed to make headway on my key points. I'll briefly recap.

1) Paul Pierce's Health - Pierce was hitting his jumpers and rarely needed to beat his man off the dribble. If he's not 100% then he's close to it.

2) Celtics' Defense - The boys in green shut down the lane for Kobe and relegated him to tough jumpers all night - and they didn't fall for him.

3) Lakers' Shooters - Game 2 was a strong shooting night for the Lakers, but they didn't start hitting until the contest was too far out of reach.

4) Keeping the Score Close - The Lakers trailed by halftime and let the game slip further and further away until the final minutes of the game. Nobody is good enough to rely on that kind of comeback.

All four points must fall the Lakers' way for them to pull out a win in Game 3 and begin climbing out of their ever-deepening hole. And I add one more requirement.

5) Lakers Must Run - It's easy to say, but the Lakers must get more points in transition. They'll only manage this if they can get some stops on the defense end and limit the "C"s offensive rebounds.

Good luck Lakers.

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